Monday, April 28, 2014

Jachnun and eggs

My first Jachnun ever was in NY about 10 years ago and the second was last Saturday over breakfast at Maya and Ori. For those of you who aren't familiar with the dish, Jachnun is a Yemenite Jewish pastry baked in a slow oven overnight and traditionally served on Shabbat morning with a grated tomato dip, hard boiled eggs, and skhug (a type of spicy sauce). 
I embrace every tradition that involves food, friends and lazy afternoons therefore you can only image my excitement (mixed with champagne) that morning.

I would like to take this opportunity and tell you a bit about Maya and Ori and their newborn son, Noah (Noach). Why? Well there are many reasons to mention them in general but in our context mainly because she's the one who inspired me to make my Noach Ketubahcollection. We were talking about Ketubot few months ago and she told me about the Ketubah, which she and her Husband made for their wedding (they are both very talented industrial designers) and how the Noach theme follows them through their lives. Until that moment I never put too much thought into Noach's legend but she made me think about the romantic aspect of the story and the idea of saving two animals of each kind, male and female in order to start a better life in a new world.

The same morning it was the first time that I saw their original Ketubah that I'm sharing here with you.

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